Craig Morgan Tickets Now On Sale

Gear up for the summers hottest concert in Bay City, TX. Craig Morgan is bringing his talent to the convention center in Bay City, TX and will be performing his chart topping hits including: That’s what I Love About Sunday, Redneck Yacht Club, Almost Home, and International Harvester.

Doors open at 7 PM and there will be 2 additional bands (yet to be determined) to entertain until the main show begins at 10 PM. Be sure to support the Bay City Boys and Girls Club and visit the concession stand for snacks. The concert is possible by contributions from our sponsors and the City of Bay City. For more information on what to do in the area visit: Visit Bay City

Individual tickets are 40$ or 50$ depending on location or buy the whole table (10 seats) and bring your friends and family. Visit Tickets/Seating for seating charts and places to stay overnight while in Bay City and to buy tickets. We look forward to seeing you.


-James Scardami

Bay City Rotary Club President


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